Husked Coconuts

We are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of excellent quality Coconut. Coconuts are very nutritious and high on fiber, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Jumbo Nuts[Semi Husked]

Nuts half peeled leaving a husk of approximately one inch thicknes around the shell for extra protection of both shell and the soft, thick kernal inside. these nuts are also available ranging from sizes viz, 12 inches,13 inches, 14 inches & 15 inches and also depending on the market requirements.

Bald Nuts [Fully Husked]

The nuts have a thick kernal, which is pure white in color, rich and creamy in taste. The bald nuts can be easily cracked in two, after which the shells are separated from the kernal and then sliced into wedges for easy consumption.

Tuff Nuts [Husk Covering the 3 eyes]

Nuts are hucked according to buyer's requirements, leaving a uniform pointed husk at one end to cover the 3 eyes of the coconut for greater production of the soft kernel inside.