Fresh Brown Coconut

Pollachi Coconuts process and supply Semi and Fully brown Husked Coconuts using natural methods without involving any chemical methods. We are the Wholesale supplier of the finest quality that meet international standards. The weight of the Semi and Fully Husked Coconuts ranges between 450gms - 500gms. The coconut is processed in the natural procedure, without any additives or chemical methods. while Exporting worthy packing is employed to take care that the Coconuts arrive at the respective destinations, intact after long passage of time. The mature Brown Coconuts are graded after plucking, according to the weights and sizes, and only the best are chosen for further processing. Stage checks are carried out in the process of coconut to ensure one hundred percent quality, and are dispatched to the customer. we are looking for overseas queries at appreciable prices and if given a chance we will do the best.