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Pollachi Coconuts was started in the year 1984 by P.Mylsamy now continuing by Mr. M. Parthipan. We export the Coconuts Based Products like Nature Fresh Coconut , Husked Coconuts, Matured Coconut, Fresh Brown Coconut, Coconut Copra, Tender Coconut. We offer the products in best prices and give best quality to our Customers. Taking into account long term business relationships and customer care the company provides training to all its employees periodically and implements up gradations in the manufacturing process with modern trends. Timely delivery and excellent service bring in a lot of repeat orders from the existing clients and the customer base keeps growing. Pollachi Coconuts is synonymous for its coconut and coconut products and is setting new trends in the global markets with its unbeatable price, priceless quality, efficient services and timely supplies which are the hallmarks of the leading coconut product exporters.


Quality standards and certification systems are of great importance in facilitating both national and international trade. They simplify industrial transactions and improve international trade relations, which in turn create a proper environment for trade, thus promoting industrial development.


800 TO 900 bags in 20 feet container [20,000 TO 22500] coconuts

1600 TO 1800 bags in 40 feet container [40,000 TO 45,000] coconuts


Our standard packing depends upon the buyers demand also we can provide local loads. We invite new buyers. Kindly send your buying demands and feedback.

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Pollachi Coconuts was started in the year 1984 by Mr. P.Mylsamy

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M.Parthipan M.C.A

Mr. Parthipan M.C.A., has been setting new benchmarks in the industry and continue to be motivated by his industrious efforts towards establishing ourselves at the topmost position.

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Customer based policies
Market leading rates
On-time delivery of orders
Priceless quality
Modern trends
Efficient services
25 Years Experience
Quality works
Unbeatable price

We provide different sizes of coconuts.

SMALL- BELOW 500 grams

MEDIUM-500 TO 600 grams